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About Us

We care for you

We are here to listen, understand and learn how we can support each other in the community during this difficult time by sharing our purposeful, meaningful and sustainable lived experiences in order to improve our services and understand the root cause of the underlaying traumas, events or other dramatic experiences and help each other to achieve our dreams and goals.
Our clients learn scientifically proven techniques that can change the course of their life, remove phobias, negative emotions and addictions. Through Psychosocial recovery coaching, our clients learn new skills to stop self-sabotage behaviours, chronic pain, slow down and relax the mind & body. We teach our clients surviving skills for everyday life and how to improve their health & wellbeing.

Our goals

Our mission is to empower, motivate, assist and support our clients in their individual journeys to recovery and growth. We are aiming to deliver quality services, educational and therapeutic programs including early intervention, counseling, group therapy, workshops, webinars utilizing new era strategies which reduce impact of mental health disorders and improve quality of life.

Amy Lee




Residential and Commercial - Licensed & Insured